dedicated hosting reselling

Reseller conditions

To get our services you need to register a separate account in the billing. It will be added to a special discount group. This account is allowed only for participation in the reselling program. Previous payments of the current account in the system (non-reseller) will not affect the size of the discount. Reseller account can not be referral.
The discount on the reselling program is valid only for resale of services to third parties. Receiving discounts on existing servers is prohibited. Transferring existing servers to a reseller account and vice versa is impossible. The enticement of existing customers Bestwesthost to reseller services is unacceptable.
Prices for the same services for customers Bestwesthost.
The “Terms of Service” of resellers must cover all restrictions imposed by the Bestwesthost Terms of Service.
In case of violation of these conditions and principles of work, Bestwest Company reserves the right to exclude such a Reseller from participating in this program.

Reselling (resale) of services is an agreed discount depending on the monthly volume of all your payments. Any legal or physical person can participate in the program for reselling our services.

To become our reseller:

  • Register a regular customer account in our billing.
  • Open a ticket and explain Your desire to become a reseller, dont forget to provide your login in billing, a description of the way in which you intend to sell our services and the address of your site (if any).
  • If you successfully agree on the terms of reselling, we will give you a discount and activate reselling options, after which you can start working.
  • For start work You need to Make deposit to your account  min amount –  $ 500

The partner’s discount is provided in the amount of 50% for all services of the company, including :

  • Dedicated server hosting Europe , USA , Asia.
  • ripe network ip addresses lease
  • The worldwide Cloud server hosting
  • Website development