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The island of Cyprus today is actually divided between two state formations, one of which is recognized by the entire world community, and the second - exclusively by Turkey.

This territorial dispute hampers the development of the economy and full integration with the European Union. Immediately warn those who are going to buy a UPU in Europe in Cyprus, that computing power will be located in the southern part, where 80% ocean swell forecast of the population lives, there is a development of network technologies and favorable conditions for the development of innovations.

The economy of the Republic of Cyprus is aimed at export, and if in the middle of the last century the priority sectors were agriculture and light industry, today more and more attention is paid to heavy engineering and the sphere of digital technologies like good web hosting, web development cyprus,csc data center .


In fact, the government can not influence the economic course of the country, since the Ministry of Finance directly reports to the European Central Bank, which creates new directions for foreign investment, among which is the opportunity for cyprus web design companies to buy VPS in Europe in Cyprus. For many, the high level of education of the population and the constantly improving working conditions can be a revelation.

For dedicated servers hosting  in cyprus we use  Few data centers: 

Cablenet Communication Systems Ltd -  dedicated servers in cyprus


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