Offshore hosting in 2019

Written by Mike on Feb 23, 2019

Written by Mike
11 months ago
Offshore hosting

offshore hosting what is that?

One of the best ways to protect your assets in the modern world is to internationalize these assets. This reduces the risks of government bankruptcy, aggression by creditors, greedy for money and blood of spouses.

The Five Flags Theory concept is based on life, banking, and investment in countries around the world to diversify risk and legally get rid of excessive taxation. Each flag is a kind of diversification: a second passport, official residence, places of rest, business location, places of storage of earned and accumulated funds.

However, in the modern world there is one very necessary flag, which is sometimes forgotten: the flag on the Internet.

When the Theory of Five Flags was invented (initially Theory of Three Flags), the Internet did not exist yet. Today, governments around the world are trying to impose censorship and suppress free speech online.

If you are run an online business, it’s very important for you to internationalize your email and website so offshore hosting for business

is very important for you in this case

By the way, you may not have known that domains (site names) ending in .com, .net, .org, or .us obey the laws of the United States wherever you are. The US government has stated that no domain name is insured against confiscation, so less standard domains like, .de, or and others may suit you more.

However, the location of the hosting (the physical location of the server and the program part) of the website also plays a big role. When hosting in the United States be prepared to disable your site at the slightest suspicion of an offense. Moreover, despite the stability of the work, the prices are very, very biting.

There are many offshore hosting centers. some of them are not bad, but some are just horrible. Of course, specialists from various companies and offices constantly research and compare the services of different providers. And share with us their opinions.

Today we will learn about three hosting and VPS services (Virtual Private Server), which, according to some experts, are considered to be the best in terms of preserving the anonymity and confidentiality of your customers.

Bestwest MU DATA CENTER This is one of the cheapest services, while it retains all the best conditions.

Bestwest’s data center is based in Mauritius. Mauritius is an island state in the Indian Ocean about 1,200 miles of notes on the southeast coast of mainland Africa. Mauritius has a rich offshore history, like the neighboring Seychelles.

Bestwest MU DATA CENTER is a good hosting for simple sites. If you are engaged in business, and you need a simple hosting, then you got to the address. Hosting services here cost from $ 100 per month. There is no telephone support, but according to users, e-mail support is simply wonderful.

Although some observers claim that Mauritius is “losing its glory” of the place with the greatest freedom of the press in Africa, it is still one of the freest countries in the region. Although, if you think about it, they hardly care about your website, which is hosted on some server on their island.

For those who care more about anonymity, our next applicant, colombia hosting, is more suitable. He is proud of his anonymity. Their website is not the brightest, and the package of their hosting services is not particularly wide. But everything else is literally screaming for freedom.

colombia hosting was one of the first offshore hosts that started accepting Bitcoins, which is the central strategy of your anonymity. And they are not limited to Bitcoin, they accept almost all types of cryptocurrency and alternative types of payments, from Litecoin to Namecoin and Perfect Money.

This hosting does not require your name, address or any other personal data. All they need is your email address to send reminders to pay for their services. Their prices are relatively low, VPS hosting starts at $ 20 per month.

Columbia hosting uses external data centers in the Netherlands and Columbia. The presence of the Netherlands in the European Union makes them a little less desirable than Norway and Iceland, which are not included there, but there are quite good laws to protect websites in Europe.

Of course, in theory, your information may be given to the government of a particular country, but not on demand.

Offshore dedicated server hosting .

This service experts called the most beloved. Among the services offered are both VPS and dedicated servers. It meets almost all the high demands of eternal tourists and freea entrepreneurs. The only thing that users complain about is at a slightly inflated price (although prices start from 3.5 euros to 200 and up). On the other hand, if you have a really serious site with a large amount of information, a stream of customers and expensive services or goods, then this price becomes quite reasonable.

The Orange Website is hosted in Iceland and is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about offshore web hosts due to privacy and data protection.

According to the expert group, Iceland is the best country to host a website. The country that has been shaken by the financial crisis has come up with a strategy for a truly independent state. Iceland is not an EU member, so it goes its own way. Orange Website makes a profit due to the fact that it is present only in Iceland, it has no links with the United States or the EU, which could lead to dependence on these countries.

In addition to the simple provision of services, the company leads an actinous social life, in particular, it fights against SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) acts, which seriously undermine the rights of Internet users. The company also has extensive experience in protecting clients against such a heresy. The company does not transfer the personal data of its customers without a decision of the court of Iceland.

This means that the Russian, American or any other courts of the world cannot do anything with your website, unless they can agree with a judge in Iceland.

Technical support is located in Iceland and is available around the clock. They did not push it to India for a few bucks, so that hosting services are a bit more expensive by themselves. They also have good equipment, because they update it as needed. And they are absolutely “green”.

There are many other offshore locations and VPS services for webmasters who understand the value of protecting anonymity and privacy. It is important to find not only those that are offshore, but also act as offshore.

If you have questions of a legal or technical plan, then contact them to our specialists. They are ready to help as much as possible.

We have repeatedly written about the correct strategy for applying modern technologies, including using strong cryptography, to build a successful, secure and stable offshore business. In the future, we plan to return to this relevant scheme more than once.
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